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    Slingplayer Mac Location Selection



      I am located in Thailand and have a slingbox solo hooked up in australia for Foxtel. I want to stay up to date with sports in australia but I have hit a bump. When i install the splingplayer app on my mac, only a handful of locations are availale to choose from, and Australia is not one of them (see picture attached). How am i able to slect australia as a location? This is where my slingbox solo feed is coming from.




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          ferguspa Apprentice

          I can't imagine it matters much which country you select.  I'm guessing it just changes the legal agreement you're "Accept"ing.


          And to answer the next question you're likely to have, the "registration" prompt you'll receive asking for your email address I believe is purely so Sling Inc. can have an accurate count of the number of Slingplayer desktop  installations in order to reimburse Microsoft for the Windows Media decoders included in Slingplayer desktop for Mac.