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    Dropped connection between pro hd and ipad


      My ipad can no longer maintain a connection with my slingbox pro hd (software version 2.1.370). I have no problems viewing by My PC wirelessly.  My ipad can maintain a connection with my sisters slingbox solo (software version 2.1.270) with no problems. This seems like a software issue to me, does anyone know if the problem is being worked on by the company? It is very frustrating, as I share the laptop with my husband. I would like my slingbox and ipad to work together as advertised.


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          Hello mluther,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum. I am sorry to hear your having issues keeping a connection to your Slingbox with your Ipad. I would need a little more information, to help troubleshoot your issue more. Are you getting any error messages on your Ipad at any point? Does this happen all the time, or just when you are outside of your home network?


          I have provided a few links that might help troubleshoot your issue more, any addtional information you could provide would help us more (network speed, upload/download, location, error messages).



          Please feel free to reply back with any other questions or concerns you might have!



          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks but I have already been thru the troubleshooting.  Oddly, I can connect the ipad to the slingbox in auto and hq but it constantly buffers so it is unwatchable and the kp/s gets stuck at 632 ( I have read that others have this exact problem). And it used to be that I could just watch it in SQ which was fine but now I can't keep a connection in SQ for longer than a couple of minutes, then I go to Auto or HQ and it stays connected but is unwatchable due to the buffering. It is frustrating because I do not believe there is anything for me to do to fix it on my end. I read that there was to be some beta testing on the fix for this problem, how is that coming along?

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                  I am having the exact same problem when I try to connect on my IPad. It used to work fine, whether I had a WiFi connection or just over the cellular network. Now I can connect to the slingbox (with wifi or celllular) but it CONSTANTLY buffers every few seconds. It is unwatchable. Please tell me that this problem can be fixed. Otherwise this great product has been rendered useless.