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    Stream to TV when overseas


      Installed the SlingBox Pro-HD in my house in UK

      Work in Central Asia.

      Getting excellent picture on my laptop in Central Asia but when I installed a HDMI cable between the PC and a new 50in Samsung plasma TV I am getting a blurred picture.

      Anything I can buy to overcome this?



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          alanrichey42 Master

          Don't use the HDMI cable    You are seeing the effect of HDCP.   Use the component pass-through of the Slingbox.

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              Thank you for prompt reply!!

              I'm afraid I am a concrete and steel sort of guy.......so a "bit" confused!!!


              You say not to use the HDMI cable and to use the component pass through of the slingbox.

              Can you please help me in practical terms as to what to physically do??!!!!!!


              As I said.......my slingbox is in my house in UK......I am here in Central Asia and getting a good picture from it on my laptop.......now the last big step is to get the picture from the laptop on to my TV!!


              Is there a special cable or piece of kit I need to buy to connect between the Laptop and the TV if the HDMI cable is not suitable?


              Grateful for your help!!