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    Surface not working with Slingbox


      I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows RT, however am.not able to access my Slingbox in both metro and desktop views on the Surface in IE 10. FWIW, the slingbox os located in a different location than where I'm currently living, so I'm not on the same network.


      I've tried accessing via the following 3 urls:






      I get the following message ...


      "We're sorry, but your current web browser, operating system, or the combination of both is not currently supported by the SlingPlayer plug-in. Please click here for more information."


      I'm still able to access it via my desktop on all browsers, including previous versions of IE. But what do I meed to do to be able to view via my Surface?

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          I should also mention that when I go to the http://slingplayer.slingbox.com/embedded/slingplayer.php URL, I actually get my slingbox showing up in the directory. It's when I select it that it goes to "Connecting" followed by the, "Unable to connect to slingbox. Please check that your slingbox is ON and is connected to the network" message. Really odd!!

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              I'm having the same issue on my Asus VIVO RT device.  I can see my Slingbox but it has an amber light next to it and when I click on it, it tries to connect but then errors out: "Unable to connect to the Slingbox. Please check that your slingbox is ON and is connected to the network."

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                  I have the same problem, ACC4992355...

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                    craig.sling Novice

                    Hello acc4992355,


                    Thank you for the information that you supplied to the forum and I would love to be of some help. What I am gathering from the information stated the slingbox sounds to be in an unconfigured statues. To watch the slingbox you would want to see a green light not a yellow light. Yellow means that the slingbox still needs to be setup still. You can have to setup the unit on an actual computer in the location of the home and not on a tablet or mobile device. I also see that you are using the Vivo RT. The RT version of the Vivo is not supported and may work but is not garenteed to work. I will post the spec differences between the Vivoo RT and the Vivo Smart.


                    • Vivo Smart

                    OS System :Windows 8

                    CPU :Intel®Atom™ Z2760 Dual Core CPU @ 1.8GHz



                    • Vivo RT

                    OS System: Windows RT

                    CPU: NVIDIA™ Tegra® 3 Quad-core / Icera410

                    Not Supported


                    The link below shows what the requirements are to watch the Slingbox.


                    Hope this helps,


                    Thank you,

                    Sling Moderation Team

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                    craig.sling Novice

                    Hello suprdrag2,


                    Welcome to the online forum I am sorry that you are having trouble with your surface tablet and would love to be of some help. I do have a few question about your Surfave tablet. Do you have the Surface Pro or the Surface RT? These two units use different OS and one is support while the other is not. To get it to work on the Pro you would have to go to Slingbox.com on the Desktop Side. After getting to our web site you would want to log in and click watch. It should have you install our plug in witch may be a problem because with windows 8 is always says you have Internet Explorer sill open. This is because it is open in tile mode and in desktop mode. The quickest way to solve this is to go into the Task Manger and close all iexplorer.exe in the processes. After you do this you should be able to get the plug in install. After the plug in is all installed you should be able to watch on Slingbox.com. I will post the differences between the Surface Pro and the Surface RT below so you can see why one is supported and one is not.


                    • Surface RT

                    OS: Windows RT

                    CPU: ARM Cortex-A9

                    Conclusion: Not supported


                    • Surface Pro

                    OS: Windows 8

                    CPU: Intel Core i5

                    Conclusion: Supported


                    This is the same as all windows 8 tablets. I will post the specs that the tablet has to match to get that unit to work correctly with our website.



                    I hope this helps,


                    Thank you,

                    Sling Moderation Team