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    Online European Support


      Hey guys!


      My Slingbox Solo died a couple of weeks ago. I spoke to the online chat support and it seems this could be due to a faulty power supply. The product is still under warranty. Unfortunately, the online chat support seems to be US and Canada only, and they aren't allowed to ship replacement parts to Europe.


      They told me to contact european support. Having browsed the website extensively, i can't find such info for the life of me.


      Being Portuguese, i bought my Slingbox in a French online shop and they re-directed me here for support.


      So my questions are: Is the online chat support also available to european customers? If so, how? If not, is there any other way of *written* support (email for example)?


      I'm not a native speaker and my accent *sucks* so i would prefer some sort of written support.




      Best Regards,