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    Slingbox 500 set up question


      I recently purchased a slingbox 500.  The Scientific Technolgy PVR I own does NOT have the ability to record shows.  When setting up my sling box I used HDMI from the PVR to the slingbox and again to the T.V..  I also hooked up the video component cords from the PVR to the sling box.  I am having difficulty getting the sling box to respond to my PC all of the time.  It appears that I have to go into the sling box activiate live t.v. before I can get live t.v..  Am I missing something here.  I really do NOT plan to use the video option in the future but can not bypass vidoe on the set up.



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          I think I found the answer to my question.   The cause of the intermittent connecting to sling box is related to the P.C. I was using an old IBM "think pad" (with older verson of windows) with large external monitor.  I tried to use the sling box with a newer PC (windows 8) and instant hook up every time.  Now I am impressed again.