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    Slingbox has distorted screen on TV but Netflix and all other stuff works fine.


      I have a Toshiba computer that connects to my Samsung and Haer TVs that are NOT HD.   It has worked just fine for 2 years.


      I bought a Dell laptop, (specs shown below), and it works just fine connected to either TV with Netflix, youtube, unverseonline, or any other type of streaming video.   But, it doesn't work with Slingbox.   The right side of the screen is morphed horizontally on the TV.   It shows just fine on the computer.


      I have to think it has something to do with how Slingbox (Solo?) streaming interacts with the video display cards on my computer.   Oh, and I have tried all browsers, including chrome and it still does the same thing.


      Any ideas?   Anyone?


      Computer is Dell XPS L502X

      Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1

      Processor:  Intel (R)Core(TM)  i7-2670QM   CPU 2.20GHz
      Installed memory (RAM):  8.00GB  (7.90 GB usable)
      System type:  64-bit Operating System


      Display adapters are
      Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (This one is used for the PC display)
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (for Samsung TV (or Haier) that are not HD)

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          trivers1979 Newbie

          Hello cdgracie,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum. I am sorry to hear your having issues getting a distorted screen. To make sure I am understanding correctly, you are using your computer to stream video through to your T.V. correct? Are you getting a distorted screen on your computer as well, or just your T.V.? Connecting your laptop or tablet to your T.V. is not something that we support, that is not to say it will not work, we just don't guarantee it will.

          Have you tried adjusting the aspect ratio on the SlingPlayer?


          Here are a few links to help troubleshoot your issue further!



          Let me know if these help, or if you have any other question or concerns.



          The Sling Moderation Team

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              It is strange.sung


              I have two laptops, a Dell and a Toshiba and two TVs a Samsung and a Haier.


              The Toshiba streams all types of stream, (including slingbox), on all browsers on both TVs.


              The Dell, (with a separate driver for the extended screen), streams everything, (like netflix and everything else) but slingbox to neither TV.   Slingbox works fine on the Dell computer alone.   There is never a distorted screen on the computer.   It only happens, and it happens on both TVs, when I am using the Dell computer and slingbox.

              I thought initially that the problem lies with the TV and streaming but because Netflix and other types of streaming work just fine I narrowed it down to something about streaming through with slingbox using my Dell computer that uses the drivers I am using for the extended display.



              What happens is that the left side of the screen is just fine.   But, the right side is always morphing out the edge with the right side of the picture missing.  (In it's placed is the morphed image from the right side of the 1/2 of the left screen.)


              None of this happens viewing on the computer alone for any type of video coming from the Internet.   And, for Internet coming from Netflix or youtube, uverseonline, HBO on the go, etc.....I don't have the problem on the computer or the TV.


              It is only when I want view my slingbox on any TV using my Dell computer.  (The Toshiba works just fine.)


              I don't think it is the resolution because the resolution on the left half of the screen is just fine.


              But, I will try that


              I suspect it has something to do with the extended display driver on the Dell computer that is set up for a TV that does something newer in gaming like 3D.....


              Thanks for the ideas.