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    My Classic Slingbox IP address is outside the routers DHCP range, why?


      I have been a happy Slingbox user since 9-07-2007. I love this product and its features, even though it is the original unit called The Classic.

      Since Bright House's Road Runner Services changed-out my router for a new one of theirs to obtain their Lightning service, I have been unable to get the IP address of my Classic on the same page with the routers range. The router uses My previous router used and I had assigned and I had no trouble. Now the Classics two lights are shinning bright, but the Slingbox set-up does not see the devices IP. When I look in the router for clients I find the Slingbox old address of all by itself. I have reset the Slingbox and the router still picks up the old address, even after rebooting of all the equipment several times and pulling the plug over night still retains that old IP address. In addition to my router seeing the wrong address, the same address is reported on http://support.slingbox.com/go/homewithin Slingbox Support page online. It reports under "Slingbox Info" - my assigned Slingbox name, Slingbox ID, Slingbox Software Version. It also reports under "Internet Viewing" - set-up complete: Yes, Slingbox Public IP Address:, Slingbox Private IP Address: Slingbox Port: 5001, and finally the MAC Address: I'm not sure but this data seems to have been collected in the past and is not a live report of my Slingbox. Slingbox Support has suggested PortForward.com to confirm the correct settings are applied. I don't think that is the issue, since applying those settings are the same as I had originally set.


      I would like to know how I can get my Slingbox to comply with the DHCP range of this current router. Assigning the correct fixed IP address has not worked either. I thought the reset would bring the device back to IP-less, awaiting an assignment. I think the IP is the key for getting set-up to complete successfully.

      Help! I really miss my Slingbox and have devoted too many hours attempting to correct this issue on my own. Any clues would be much appreciated.


      Thanks,  Bill