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    Cannot connect to my HD-Pro outside my network




      I have a Slingbox Pro HD which works fine when accessed from within my home network, but doesn’t respond when accessed from outside the home network (see network topology diagram - 59-41). 


      I should also note I was able to access the Slingbox when I was last away from the house, back in March 2012.  There have been no significant or relevant changes to my network since that time.


      I believe that the problem is that sometime since March, my ISP has changed my external IP address.  It’s clear that when the support.slingbox.com site is accessed, the new IP address is not being displayed (see graphic - 53-07).  That would seem to me to be at the root of the problem.


      Since I discovered this problem, I have been attempting to change the outside IP address on the support.slingbox.com site to the known new updated address.


      I was advised by Slingbox technical support that the outside IP address can only be changed while connected to the home network and (you guessed it) I’m currently 2100 km away trying to get this working with the aid of a friendly neighbour.


      I had my neighbour access the support.slingbox.com site from within my network, but it didn’t appear that it was possible to change the external IP address from that specific page location (see graphic).  As a side note, he was able to confirm that the Slingbox is working from inside my network.


      So, with all of that said, here are my questions.


      Is iIs it possible to manually change the external IP address of my Slingbox from somewhere on the Slingbox.com site? 

      a.       If so, where on the Slingbox.com site is that accomplished?  Where do I direct my neighbour to go once he is back over to my home network? 

      b.      If it is not possible to manually change the external IP address within the Slingbox site, how are external IP address changes (like the one I’ve experienced) get transferred into the Slingbox.com site?  Is there anything you can provide or recommend that will help me get this system working from my remote location?



      Rob Donald

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          It is unlikely that you will be able to get your ISP to assign a specific public IP address to your home (modem) location, and keep that address for time immortal.   When your SB connects to the slingbox servers, it is supposed to provide its current public IP add.ress.   Since you are many miles away from the physical location of your SB (and the router-modem combination it is connected to), I suggest you try to get a friend to visit its location, power down the modem, power down the router, and power down the SB.   Then power up the modem and after its lights "settle down", power up the router.  Then after its lights "settle down", power up the SB.   And if all of the lights don't work properly on the SB and you can't view the stream from your remote location, the friend can try pressing the red reset button on the back of the SB just momentarily, to see if this "soft reset" will force the SB to communicate again with the Slingbox servers and provide its updated public IP address.

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              Thanks, I'll try that procedure and advise.



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                  I had my neighbour try the procedure without any luck.  It looks like Slingbox will not be accessible at least until I'm back home in eight weeks.


                  Very dissappointing.


                  In an effort to improve the user experience with the Slingbox products, I have a couple of suggestions.


                  1. It is awkward to test internet access of Slingbox when at home without getting someone else involved who is outside the network.  It would be useful if the Slingbox website had some type of internet testing tool that could test outside access.
                  2. Given the nature of the product and how its used (when away from home) it would be useful to make changes from a distance if/when needed.  In this particular case, I know that the external IP address stated on the Slingbox website is no longer current... and yet, I cannot change it.  When the updated address is available, it should be possible to access the Slingbox Support site and update the address.  That would be useful.


                    As it stands, this experience with Slingbox during this trip has been somewhat less than satisfactory.




                  Rob Donald