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    Audio not synchronized with video viewing Slingbox 500


      With the WD Live viewing Slingbox 500 (connected to Tivo Series 3) the audio gets out of sync with the video (usually video is delayed compared to audio). It usually happens after a network fluctuation causes the video to freeze momentarily. The delay can sometimes get excessive. I've seen this happen on my PC as well, so I dont think it's isolated to WD Live player. Is this a known issue scheduled to be corrected soon (I hope)?

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          Hi Servando,


          Thanks for using the Answers Forum! when the audio and video are not in sync, it could be a few different things. This article should explain some troubleshooting that you can do to fix the issue:


          Audio and video are out of sync in Watch on Slingbox.com


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              I have a major problem with this on the slingplayer app on the WD TV box.


              When watching on the same network and using a PC or even my Android phone, the audio is always syncronized, even after a network pause.


              But my WD TV slingplayer app will almost always get the audio out of sync with the video after a network pause.


              I even purchased a newer WD TV box to see if it was fixed with the newest version of the WD TV hardware, but it wasn't. so I returned the newer WD TV player.


              I have plenty of bandwidth both at my home and at the remote site (my boat) where the WD TV is located. This is also demonstrated by a PC based slingplayer app not having any problems with audio staying in sync after an internet pause.


              It sure is frustrating and is giving the Slingplayer a bad name. I wonder if a different brand of 'smart tv' box that includes the slingplayer app would have this same problem?