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    No full picture/wrong aspect ratio/picture clipped in stream from coax connection


      I'll try to explain this the best I can so I don't waste your time here.


      The picture I receive from my Pro-HD with a coax connection from Cable One (and previous different cable providers) is clipped (left and right). I am not getting the full picture. The video zoom feature does nothing other than expand and compress the already clipped picture. This problem does not happen on all channels but appears to be limited to the certain networks. I have noticed this problem also with the commercial Internet TV providers using Sling technology (USTVNow is one example).


      Does anyone have an answer to this problem? I have not been able to find one thus far anywhere online or in this forum. I have owned 4 different slingboxes connected to 3 different cable providers and have experienced this problem with all those combinations. My suspicion is that this is a Slingbox internal tuner limitation, and to tell the truth I do not hold out much hope for a solution. I also suspect this may be why Sling dropped the tuner from the new models. Please Mr. Moderator do not delete my question (as has happened in the past).


      Thanks in advance for any help.