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    Set-up problems - Slingbox Solo - a conundrum


      I have had the joy of a Slingbox Solo for a few years and on the basis of this I bought a new Slingbox 350. I placed this new one where the old one was and it worked fine. Still does. The problem is with the Solo. I have connected it directly to the router to avoid any bridge problems.


      I have performed a full reset and I have the following situation:

      1. Power and Network light on constant  
      2. In the box directory I see the 350 with a green light at the side of it and "Network, Available" and the Solo with an amber light and "Unconfigured".
      3. When I go to the set-up the program cannot connect to the slingbox to perform the configuration


      From this I assume that the box is visible to the setup programme, but for what ever reason I can't connect to it to configure it. Anyone have any good ldeas what I am doing wrong?



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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello Adam,


          Thanks for utilizing our answers forum! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing with your Slingbox SOLO and not being able to connect to re-run Setup on Slingbox.com. I would advise trying a hard reset before going through the Setup process again.


          Here is a link from our support site which should assist you with that:



          Hope this helps!



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              Hello and thanks for the reply. I have tried the hard reset, but alas, despite all of the lights doing their correct stuff and both the power and netwok lights being on and solid I still cannot configure the box. The name of the box has gone to the default name and the box is registered as being unconfigured - so it would to mee look like some kind of connection exists - at least enough to give name and configuration status - but not enough to allow configuration. Have you heard anything like this before?