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    limiting bandwidth?


      I replaced my old Slingbox SOLO  but I can't use the old Slingplayer desktop program with the new Slingbox 500.

      I go camping and rely on my Mifi mobile hotspot.

      Since I have a quota, can I manually limit the bandwidth like on the old destop slingplayer program?

      I used to reduce the frame rate to 6 fps and still preserve the picture resolution to bring the rate down to 100kbps.

      The Slingplayer.com website does not allow adjustment of the frame rate but reduces the picture resolution only.

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hi Rodney,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum! There actually isn't a way to adjust the bandwidth that the website uses when viewing. We usually recommend that you use a 3 or 4G or Wifi connection when viewing the Slingbox. Here's a link with some information on getting the best speeds that you can.


          How to optimize streaming performance in SlingPlayer


          Hope this helps,


          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              I have exactly the same question as "rpchin", and I think you may have misinterpreted his question. What we need is a way to reduce the amount/speed of data transfer to our viewing device. SlingPlayer provides this - Slingbox.com does not. If SlingPlayer is going to kept up-to-date by Sling, there is no big problerm, but it seems that its use is deprecated by Sling.


              There are many situations that require a user-controlled limit on bandwidth. Most mobile phone or "cellular modems" have monthly usage limits. I often use an internet satellite dish (HughesNet) from my motor home, and it has strict limits and penalties for exceeding them. With SlingPlayer, I can choose to limit frame rate, resolution, audio quality, and/or overall data rates to fit my situation. Please provide a way to do that with Slingbox.com.