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    Slingbox and Time Warner Cable issues


      I have been really frustrated by this problem and would appreciate some guidance please.


      I have a slinbox pro-hd in Japan for a long time.  It has worked without any problems on my att dsl in california. 


      Time Warner Cable offers service here that is much faster than att so I have contracted with them. In my home right now I ahve both the slow att dsl and the fast time warner connection. 


      The slingbox pro-hd in japan plays fine (although low bit rate) through the old att dsl that I would like to cancel service on.


      The same slingbox pro-hd in Japan will not play through the Time Warner fast cable connection.  I get connection errors, etc..   it finds and connects to the slingbox in japan but will not play at all.  Recently no errors at all but just wont play; bitrate is 0.


      I just ran the an update on the slingbox and tried again and nothing...



      any help? please?  thanks in advance.

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          Hi. I am a TWC technician. I have been with them for 16 years. First thing you should do is check your speeds using the time warner speedtest for your area.  If you cant find that use Speedtest.net.    Make sure your download and upload speeds are good. After that I would try streaming something on your PC. If  your pc is having slowness then there is most likely a cbl issue.  Have you tried hooking up the sling box directly to the modem bypassing any routers? If you find both pc and slingbox acting slow give us a call for service. Have us come out and check to make sure all is ok. Not sure where you live but up here where its cold we get whats called suck outs. Suck outs is when the centerconductor of the main feeder pull back out of the tap making a not so great connection. Do a little trouble shooting using your pc and no router first. Good Luck.