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    Sling catcher  network error


          I have a slingcatcher in Montreal and a sling Box in Florida I installed my slingcatcher Yesturday and downloaded al the updates and I am connected

      with my user name and password but when I try to connect to my slingbox I get unable to connect network error can anyone help me with this I looked around and seems that it may be a router problem and I have no idee how to program that In Florida with the slingbox I have a cisco mg200n with Comcast DSL thanks for the help

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          I have the same problem, my Sling-box in Dublin the Sling-catcher in London, although when I first set it up a couple of years ago it worked fine. But this past year I get the network error message. Recently we have had a fibre optic system installed, but still the same problem.

          Did you ever receive a "fix"?