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    watch UK live tv and stream to ipad so both sync


      My dad has recently become severely visually impaired and can't see his home tv properly but can see a picture on his iPad if he angles it at a particular angle.


      I was trying to find a way for my dad to watch live tv on the ipad together with my mum (who would watch it on the tv)


      The iplayer app has a live function but its a minute delayed to the tv broadcast so they cant watch together as they want the audio to come from the tv's surround sound system


      Slingbox seems like it might work but I don't know if that would sync with the live tv braodcast in the same room either...


      Would slingbox work or is there a better way to do this?



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          AdamJohnson Newbie

          Hello mikeinlondon,


          Thank you for reaching out to us using our online Answers Forum. I can see why it would be important for the video streams to be synced up. The problem that arises there will usually always be a few seconds delayed from what the TV displays and what the iPad displays.


          Hopefully this answers your question.



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