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    Audio Issue


      I've I'm getting significant low hum audio feedback from my NEW SB500.... I'm using the composite audio connections.... Thing s when I disconnect the SB and hook back up directly to my cable box the low hum feeback goes away....  May be a grounding problem within the SB500, As I didn't have any audio issues before I bought this SB500.  Also volume from the same composite connection is greatly diminished thru the SB500.... when hooked to my cable box the volume much louder.....  for instance.... When audio is native cable box with a TV volume of 8, to achieve the same volume level with the SB500, I have turn volume up to 13.... also the the sound quality is diminished as well.  All these symtoms go away when audio is connected directly to my cable box.....  There needs to be some adjustments to the audio ouput level in the SB500..... anyone else with this issue....  

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          Hello godson66,


          Thank you for reaching out to us via our online Answers Forum. I can understand the concern with the low audio output from the Slingbox 500. I would be glad to assist you with resolving the issue. I would make sure that you try other audio cables just in case the ones in use are defective in any way.  I would also make sure there is nothing inside the ports by checking inside of them just in case something is in there. If all else fails you can contact us about this issue and we would be glad to help you did mention a humming noise coming from the audio output.


          Here are a few links that can assist you:



          I hope this helps!



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