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    slingbox 350/500 initial setup

    chuliu Newbie

      I would like to know if it is possible to run the initial setup of slingbox 350/500 remotely using vpn.
      The reason is that I want my friend who is not local to the sling box to be the admin.
      As far as I know, one need to be local to the network for him to become the admin.
      I tried to run the setup with vpn but no good.in


      Is there other way for someone who is not local to become the admin?

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          tcaradonna Novice

          Great question.  I've been wondering about this myself.  I would assume the answer is yes, as that is the entire purpose of the vpn.  Can you describe your setup?


          I also have a similar situation.  What I did was purchase a cheap laptop (I personally chose Dell D420 for it's size, available for about $100), and installed logmein on it (as well as some free anti-virus applications).  Logmein is a free remote pc controller (gives you access as if you were sitting at the actually PC).  Many large corporations use the pro(paid) version of this software which only additionally gives the ability to transmit video/sound & files (you can get around file transfers with a dropbox though).  Basically when I want to admin the system I tell the people where my slingbox is to turn the laptop on (push the power button).  I can shutdown the pc remotely too.


          If you want to get more fancy, there is a function in the pc called "Wake on lan" which is builtin to almost all intel processors (and turned on in the bios).  With the proper firewall configuration, you can even turn the pc on remotely too.  There are a bunch of how-to's on the internet showing how to set it up.  Pretty cool.