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    Wont start


      My slingbox won't start anymore, it just spins around saying initialising but never finishes.  To get it to work I have to phone my wife and she puts it on an off then it works, but she is not always there so that is not a solution. Also I have noticed that my screen goes blank as if my screen saver is going to come on, that never used to happen?

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          Hello gavles,


          Thanks for reaching out to us in our forum here. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble connecting to your Slingbox while away from home. It sounds like there could be a couple of issues going on. Generally when Watch on Slingbox.com spins on the initializing screen, it could be an issue with browser and/or operating system compatibility with our site. As far as having to unplug and plug the Slingbox back in, there could be an issue with your power adapter. Do either the power or network lights on the Slingbox go out? I will provide some links below which will list our supported systems and browsers as well as some troubleshooting steps regarding the issue you are describing.



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