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    Pro HD No audio


      As of yesterday and this is the second time I have had this problem this month great video but no audio. Why is this happening?


      Would be useful to have web-based reboot since I have to ask somebody to do this for me as I am away 99% of the time.

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          trivers1979 Newbie

          Hello kbunters,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum. I am sorry to hear your having problems getting audio with your Slingbox. What cables are you using to hook up your Slingbox to your cable box? Have you tried different cables? Have you tried resetting the Slingbox? I have provided you with some links to troubleshoot your issue further.



          Hope these help, feel free to reply back with any other questions or concerns you might have!



          The Sling Moderation Team

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              The cables I am using are the ones that came with my Slingbox. I have to reboot the box on a regular basis, so that is my go to solution. It is not working now. I am unable to do any further troubleshooting as I am away from home.


              Also the Video is too large to fit into webplayer, or slingplayer.


              But it still would be great to have the ability to reboot remotely instead of having to ask someone to go into my house.


              Also, the audio problem began on Sunday night.