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    Botched SlingPlayer uninstall - can't go forward, can't go back


      I started to uninstall SlingPlayer, and clicked on "Cancel" while the uninstall was running.  Now, I can't uninstall, repair, or reinstall it.  The SlingMedia folder is gone from my start menu, so there is no "Uninstall" link.  The Sling Media folder is gone from my Program Files directory as well. Clealy, hitting "Cancel" didn't really "Cancel" the uninstall.  Now I'm stuck:


      1. If I go into the Control Panel I still see Sling Player, but when I try to uninstall, I get this message: "Error applying transforms.  Verify that the specified tranform paths are valid. C:\USERS\ADMINI~1.HOS\AppData\Local\Temp\1\{7BABAEFB-2375-49F1-B8FD-CA1B0A76E295}\1033.MST"  This file does not exist.  I checked my Recycle Bin as well.
      2. If I run the install file (SlingPlayer-2.0.4-Setup.exe) , I get "SlingPlayer is already installed in some other language.  If you want to change the language of installation please uninstall the current installation and install it in the new language..."


      I can't go forward, can't go back.  Please help!