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    Slingplayer Desktop Cannot Locate My Slingbox 350


      Hi all. I was trying to move my Slingbox 350 to another location. I'm not sure how I got to this point, but I did a factory reset. My Slingbox 350 and my laptop are both plugged into the same network hub (wired Ethernet). I am running the latest Slingplayer Desktop, I also have a Slingbox 500. Slingplayer Desktop only sees my Slingbox 500. The power LED and the network LED for my 350 are both solid white. I read another post and people pointed to an older version of Slingplayer Desktop, 2.0.4522. I downloaded it and tried it out. It saw both my 500 and 350! Unfortunately, Slingplayer Desktop 2.0.4522 doesn't support the 350 so it didn't allow me to connect and configure it so I'm still stuck. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.