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    On going tuning issue (ongoing from previous threads )


      Hi Again , I have not given up on my box.......The network issue previous is no longer an issue .....its a TUNER issue I think that lies at the bottom of my problems :


      I have logged on at work today to look at the slingbox and get it streaming no issues ....Ok


      When I get home what is happening is that I go to configure input signal  ( which in my case is coax cable coming from a sky box ) Ok ....if I press next it says what box is connected I say sky and it fetches the correct remote but I dont have a picture ?


      Ok so I go back again and this time choose Analogue .....it scans and finds two channels and tunes into sky ie the correct channel but then offers me the wrong remote ....if I try to change channels it looses signal ie no picture ? I dont see the second channel its found ?


      If I go back again  and try pAUL digital it scans but only to 44% then I get an error code at it says it had a problem with the slingbox and would I like to try again ...but I never get past 44% ?


      So the issue is as far as I see it that I can stream and I can log in , but I am unable to have the correct remote to access the channels ....NOW WHAT !!!