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    Slingbox setup on Windows Media Center


      I am getting rid of my cable television and therefore getting rid of the cable television’s DVR.  All of this left me in quandary.  How would I record my favorite shows that are on network television.  Alas, comes Windows Media Center and a TV Tuner card to the rescue.  Well now, the next quandary.  How do I watch shows remotely?  A package called “Remote Potato” answered that question.  However, what is missing from “Remote potato” is the ability to fast forward.  So what next?  Ah, let me bring the Xbox360 into the equation by using it as a Windows Media Center extension and as the video source for my Slingbox Solo?  Fantastic idea, I thought anyway.  Video source comes through just fine.  However, the remote that was selected by the Sling setup process does not work with the Xbox360.  Are there any thoughts out there on how to remedy this situation?

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          Hi there rluhman, hope you got things worked out and you have an answer for me. I use slingbox solo when away from home and it works fine. When home I tape shows on my computer and then watch them through my xbox360 media center and works great. So here is the questions. Can I hook up xbox 360 to slingbox solo and view it when I'm away? Sounds similiar to your question. Any help appreciated. Have no problem going to the 500 if that will solve problem. So to sum it up. Can I hookup to 360 and watch the 360 like I'm home. Thanks, Charlie