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    Ongoing slingbox  pro connection issue .....


      Hi all , decided to strip out the slingbox, cables plugs etc  and  start again . Firstly did a factory reset on the box , unplugged the router and restarted this , Connected the cables again and ensured signal streamed through box to TV ... logged in , found on network but no picture . As i have been here before I tried my remote on the Tv and all is Ok ( this TV as all my Tvs has a sky box connected, but I no longer subscribe to sky ..... SO and this is where you need to take note .... I can view TV on terrestial without the sky box being on OR i can turn the Sky box on and watch sky but only the free ti view channels OK


      RIght if I try to use the terrestial signal ....I get no picture on ths slingbox despite it streaming to the TV ...... If I turn the sky box on an then scan with the Slingbox I get one ( sometimes 2 ) signals .... Ok I accept and I get a picture and sound ..... Now here comes the fun ....if I use the remote to change channels I loose the picture ..... the only way I can get it back is to use the slingbox remote and put in channel 68 ...then I get it back ...the only way I can change channels is to us the real remote control in the house ?


      The Tvs were set up where we could toggle between number 1 ( bbc1) and sky ie if you press 1 twice it would go to sky and I would then be able to use the sky box .... if I pressed 1 again I could then go back to normal terrestial channels ..... It works fine but never understood how you set up something like that anyway when I set up a new TV in the kitchen the only way I could get it to work was to scan on channel 68 to which I get the sky box , the other side of getting terrestial as an option I could never work out ....


      so there it is ....it something to do with this channel 68 I think ... but why it doesnt work when a signal streams Ok as a terrestial signal I dont know ... the best of it is was that it worked fine until I was on holiday and despite changing channels daily one evening I changed and it just went off ?


      Really odd .... Ok folks over to you



      PS I even connected it to a roof areial ( which I know has a good signal ) and again no luck ,,,, but put it back on sky and the box Yes.... ???