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    Can't get slingbox anymore after upgrade to new ASUS RT-N56U router


      Hi, smart people!


      I have a Slingbox PRO HD that I've been used successfully for over a year, including viewing it over the internet just fine.  But after changing my router to a new router, ASUS RT-N56U, I can't get slingbox anymore.  I followed all of the instrucitons and settings to get the router to allow slingbox in Port Forwarding.  I'm pretty sure I've done that right. I set the port to 5001, used an IP address of for the Local IP, used TCP Protocol, but no luck.  The problem is that I can't get past step 1 in setup.slingbox.com, because Slingbox says "Your slingbox can't be located.  Please make sure it is getting power and is connected to the same network as your computer."  Well, the Slingbox is getting power, has 2 red LEDs, and the 2 Sling media boxes I use to transfer the slingbox signal from my slingbox to my router through my home's electric line each have 3 green lights.  This setup worked just fine before I installed the new router.


      My guess is there is some other setting that needs to be changed, either on my router or whatever the Sling Media boxes use.


      Please help!  Thanks