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    Setup with DirecTv


      I recently pruchased a Slingbox 500 to use with my whole home DirecTv HD DVR model HR 24-100 (requires DirecTV Universal Remote selection).


      After I went thru the setup using both HDMI and  Component cables as indicated in the Quick Setup guide for the Slingbox 500, my DirecTv receiver was unable to connect to the satelite dish. I received either a 771 or 775 communication error from DirecTv. I also noticed a "cabling error" indication.


      To correct this I had to essentially disconnect the Slingbox completely and "reboot" the DirecTv receiver.I then just connected the component cable from the DirecTv receiver to the Slingbox and the Slingbox to a component input on my TV. I did not connect the HDMI to the Slingbox at all but left it connected between the DirecTv receiver and my HD TV. When I tried to watch HDCP protected content such as HBO remotely, I received an error message on Slingplayer. To fix this I had to disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV even though the TV was turned off.


      So my question is, Is this the correct setup or do I need to do something different?