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    Slingbox PRO HD not working after initializing


      Our slingbox worked fine until a couple of months ago - we then got an error message but installed a computer update and it worked again. Now it's back to not working, but we dont have any updates to install. The Slinbox initializes when we try to connect, and then we get the below error. Nothing has changed with the actual slingbox device thats connected to the television, so we cannot figure out what is wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Your Slingbox is not currently accessible.

      • Possible causes are:
      • - It could be in the middle of an Update
      • - It could be turned off
      • - It may have a local network issue
      • - It may be unable to connect to our backend sevices
      • - Your router may have an issue
      • Click here for more information.