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    No Video Issues w/ Slingbox Pro HD - AT&T Uverse VIP 1200 DVR Box (HDCP or CEC issue?????)


      Hi All-

      Need your help!. So i have been using my slingbox pro HD for almost 4 years. Have had a couple kinks along the way but now i got a major head scratcher.


      Slingbox Pro HD -  plugged into via component cables -USA

      AT&T Uverse VIP 1200 DVR set top box - USA

      AT&T Motorola 2wire 3800HGV-B - USA

      Slingcatcher/ipad/sling for Mac - Malaysia



      My Slingbox Pro HD has worked fine until recently. So my video keeps dropping out and displaying "Weak or No Video Signal detected" and streams around 60kbps. I have been battling this for a few months now and its getting very frustrating. I have had my buddy in USA (where the slingbox Pro HD) is located run through physically doing a hard reset on the slingbox, modem, and running through the Sling setup a few times. That seems to do the trick, but after 1 time watching the slingbox abroad it goes back to the dreaded black screen - weak or no video signal detected. After that screen is displayed, my buddy goes through the setup and the it displays "no video signal". So it cant even find the signal.


      I have read into this a bit and I think what happens is that when he watches tv on his side via the At&T box as normal,  it disables the component cables to the slingbox and uses the HDMI connected to the TV as the main source. Some sort of copy right issue - High-bandwith Digital Content Protection (HDCP) or Consumers Electronic Control (CEC)???? Does anyone know if At&T updated thier software to add these copyright features or any else have similar problem? I will try to see if he disconnects the HDMI cord and run only the component cables only to see if the slingbox works. Then plug the HDMI cord in to see if it disables the composite cables. But is that why Slingbox runs the component cables in the first place, to avoid issues like this?


      Is there anyway around the HDCP or CEC issues? via the At&T set top box settings? I looked into auto switching HDMI/Component converters, that might be the way but i want to understand why it just recently started happening?


      Found these links on slingforum:





      Any suggestions????




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          PritamKB5 Newbie

          Are you turning off your cable box/DVR in between your viewing sessions?


          I have a DirecTV DVR connected via component cables, and had a similar problem for a while. I think the slingbox sometimes messes up detecting the incoming video format, gets confused, and then displays nothing.


          With the DirecTV DVR when I power on the DVR I often have to hit the "Format" button (on the virtual remote) which refreshes/changes the DVR's output resolution. Then suddenly the screen appears.


          Your ATT DVR may be having the same issue, but I don't know if you have the ability to change your display setting with the ATT remote.


          Hope this helps!