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    hd remote viewing clear on netbook's browser but not on ipad


      Hi Slingbox,


      I have a Slingbox 350 at home in San Francisco and when I was in Sonoma at a hotel, watching my Slingbox in HD using the hotel's wifi was very smooth on both my netbook's browser and ipad's slingplayer app.  This is an Ipad4.


      However, now that I've travelled overseas to Singapore using another location's wifi, watching my Slingbox in HD on my netbook's browser is very smooth.  However, the video quality is horrendous using the ipad slingplayer app.  Watching the Slingbox in HD and Auto on the ipad was very jerky.  I changed it to SD which yielded better video streaming with occasional blips. 


      My question:  How do I get the ipad to play perfectly in HD here in Singapore?  Is it the wifi?  Is it the ipad?


      At a loss.  Please help!