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    Remote Viewing Suddenly Slower?


      Hey guys!  So, Here's my dilemma…


      I have the Pro-HD, and everything had been working great.  My ISP is  Time Warner Cable, and I was running 20 down/2 up.  Speed tests were  consistently over 20 down and right around 1.85 up.  I noticed TWC was  charging me a lease fee, so I decided to buy my own modem and then  upgrade to 30 down/5 up. My speed tests are still great…  27-30  down/2.8-3.5 up.  My home viewing is still great too – right around 8000  kbps.  My remote though went from 1900 kbps to right around 800 kbps  with the so called "upgrade".  I mostly stream at work, and nothing has  changed.  My speed tests at work are literally 190 down/140 up. 


      Any idea how to get my remote viewing back up around 2000 kbps or  higher?  I'm wondering if I'm suddenly throttled by TWC?  I also have a  d-link DIR-825.


      Thanks in advance!