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    Sound quality & bitrate

    cloneman Newbie

      While the picture quality on my new slingbox 500 is excellent, the sound leaves to be desired sometimes. With HDMI, I'd like to see a codec that gives quality comparable to MP3 128 at the very least (ideally more).


      Right now, it sounds like 64 or 96kbps. These sound settings should be availble even when using settings that are not "best" or "BestHD".


      There is no reason (for example, on auto) to lower the sound quality when bandwith is scarce, as it uses a very small amount of bandwith compared to video. I think most customers would prefer at lease having decent sound when bandwith is scarce.


      I'm mainly speaking of the web player, but this could also apply to the mobile apps.

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          schindt Newbie

          I would prefer the option to set the bitrates for audio and video manually, like with the desktop Slingplayer.


          Regarding audio I asked Sling since months for improvement, they recently changed the max. bitrate fo audio to 96kbps.


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            Vifa84 Newbie

            Are there plans to be able to select the audio bitrate to something higher than 96kbps?  Sling Members the audio sounds terrible if you're playing through a good audio system.  Come on guys,, when you have 150mbps bandwidth and you're on your home local network, increasing the audio bandwidth to 192kbps from 96kbps  would be negligible from a bandwidth perspective but very noticeable from an audio quality standpoint.

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              cloneman Newbie

              It looks like we're not getting much attention here. Makes me wonder if the bitrate is not the issue but if its instead something unsolvable on the hardware side.


              In any case, if you want good sound, look elsewhere. Slingbox in its current iteration is inappropriate for music TV and live broadcasts that have many complex sound sources (crowd, announcer, stage, etc.) .


              The only time I find myself not frustrated is if I put the volume very low or I'm listening to a talkshow.

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                cloneman Newbie

                It looks like I was able to get some improvement by disabling Dolby 5.1 on my satellite box. I'm not 100% sure, maybe it's in my head


                Anyway, try changing the audio settings on your cable/sat to 2.0 audio (sometimes this has a different name, like PCM / Line) to see if this improves the quality by eliminating a conversion.