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    SlingPlayer on MacBook stopped working suddenly on Jan 23


      Hello!  I had been happily using my SlingBox Pro HD connection, viewing using the browser pop-up app on my MacBook Pro Retina laptop and now it just shows a Bitrate of between 0kbps and 24 kbps and no picture at all.  I can connect fine and even view on my iPad 2 on the same network (accessing the SlingBox remotely from overseas) but can no longer view at all on my MacBook.  I see there was a firmware update to the SlingBox on Jan 23 - did that break something.  It's odd because it's only affecting my MacBook's ability to view the SlingBox output.


      Help, please!!!!

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          Details:  Running OS X 10.8.2, Safari 6.0.2, and based on a reco from Slingbox phone support, I installed Google Chrome (24.0.1312.56), but the issue is the same


          It seems like something must have changed in SlingPlayer v. for the Mac which I think was installed the day it stopped working.  If I play with the video quality settings, the bitrate will start to climb from <100kbps to close to 3Mbps but if I click somewhere else or change the video quality to Auto or HD, the bit rate steadily drops down to <100Kbps.  The audio never fails, but the video quality varies wildly and generally tends to drop down below 100Kbps.  It was working without issue until this update, best I can tell.  I would love to have the old SlingPlayer back to test it out, but unfortunately, it is gone from my Mac and isn't available anywhere I've found on the SlingBox website.


          Anyone else experiencing this?