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    Slingbox 500 setup problems - Audio only with U-verse cable box




      I just purchased the Slingbox 500 today and I’m having issues with signal from my U-verse box (Motorola VIP1200).  The issue is when I make all connections for Component/Composite/HDMI the slingbox does not detect a signal on any, but when I switch to Live, there is picture.


      If I login to my sling using the webapp it streams audio only - as a sanity check I hooked up my blu-ray player and it detects the Component and Composite signals and streams in the webapp fine, HDMI still doesn’t work but at this point I’m fine w/out it... 


      Some other steps tried are:

      • Ran the Slingbox Software update

      • Disconnected the HDMI cable to see if it was being blocked due to HDCP and no change

      • Tried each connection type individually – no change

      • Changed the DVR video quality with no luck

      • Checked on multiple computers and the issue is present on all


      I haven't been able to find anything outside of what I have already tried - any help with completing my setup is greatly appreciated!

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          trivers1979 Newbie

          Hello ACC4836423,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum. I am sorry to hear your having issues getting video when your setting up your Slingbox 500.

          Its hard to say what the exact culprit is without some more info. Are you running the setup via wifi or hardwired? Have you tried with strictly the component cables? What is your upload/download speed at the Slingbox location? It might be best to call into our support center, to troubleshoot this issue further, you can give us a call at 977-GO-SLING.


          Here is a link for our support center.



          Please feel free to contact us, or provide any other information in regards to your issues.



          The Sling Moderation Team

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              I am running the setup via Wifi, I have tried it using strictly component cables and I am on AT&T High Speed Internet Max Plus which is advertised as 18Mbps down/1.5Mbps up, and I am averaging around 16.73 down/1.41 up.


              Component and composite work fine from my blu-ray player - viewing the stream it loads w/out any messaging on bandwidth and both the picture and audio quality are strong - no lag/glitches.


              Audio works fine off the cable box as well - mainly wondering if there are any settings I need to check on the cable box, or if with the Motorola VIP1200 I will need to use an HDMI to Component Converter - if so are there any that are recommended.