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    Sling Hardware for slinging to Vacation Property's TV?


      Hey folks, I'm looking for some experience-based input to guide me to the right Sling and Connected Device hardware choices. It might be bold of me to make such a request, but I'm hoping the experts here can share guidance.  I've read through the forums, but I find that many discussions are difficult to extrapolate out of the particular poster's specific context.


      My Situation:

      I have an IPTV television service from my telco at home and I'm looking to relay it to my remote vacation property. I have a dedicated IPTV set top box at home that can be dedicated to slinging (no TV connected to it). Home has 15 Mb/s down, 0.8 Mb/s up Internet bandwidth. Vacation property is 200 miles away and has 5 Mb/s down, 1.0 Mb/s up Internet bandwidth (same provider as home; should be fairly low packet loss and latency).  Both the IPTV set top box and the slingbox could be wall mounted in my utility room at home and hardwired with ethernet; no need to congest the airwaves with wifi. But wifi is definitely required to feed the catcher device at the vacation property.


      My Requirements:

      1. Target screen at the vacation property is a single basic TV with HDMI, composite or component input. No need for viewing on mobile devices.

      2. I'm not terribly fussy about picture quality; I'm looking for "good enough" not "great".

      3. Standard definition only is fine; I expect my 0.8 Mb/s home upstream is terribly insufficient for slinging HD content anyway.

      4. It should be easy to use and robust; I don't want to be on 24/7 tech support for visiting family and guests.

      5. Would like to access home PVR content (at least the standard def content) and also my provider's free VOD content - like last week's episode of Modern Family, etc.

      6. No interest in sharing any personal media; I just want to watch TV/PVR/VOD like I would at home.


      So, what should I look at? Slingbox 350?  Solo?


      At the remote end, should I get a low cost Netgear NeoTV box?  Will the new Netgear PRIME GoogleTV box work better in any way (e.g. better processor, better integration, etc)?  Should I instead be searching for a used Slingcatcher and an older Slingbox?


      Finally, I'm trying to understand the ease of use of remotes and the menu screens before I take the plunge.  Is it possible to get my native home program guide showing at the remote location?  Or am I somehow navigating using a "proxy" menu native to the Netgear/WD/Sony box?  Alternatively, is it possible to simply take my IPTV set top box remote control to the vacation property and use some sort of "IR-over-IP" functionality to relay the proprietary IR commands over IP/Internet to an IR transmitter at home, blasting into the set top box?


      Any input welcome, including "you're an idiot" if I'm missing something basic.  Thanks.

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          I didn't see any responses? I was hoping to see some advice because I'd like the same thing. What I acquired was a 350 & a WD TV Live. It doesn't  work, at least not on a regular basis. It does work great on Netflex. Hope someone else can answer and enlighten us both.

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            Tyler.Sling Novice

            Hello madcow,


            Thanks for posting in the forums! I would just like to understand a bit more. Are you getting any error messages? What exactly happens when you try to connect to your Slingbox?


            Feel free to reply!


            Kind regards,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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                I don't believe madcow has a box he was looking for recommendations. I'm having the disconnect, pixelations, stalled video, and warning that band width won't support resolution I've chosen. But my upload is over 3 Mbps & download to the WD TV Live is over 2 Mbps. Also as I mentioned in the connected device forum, Netflex works great. I questioned if it could be my Netgear cable box/router from Charter Communications. Although when I read through the questions posted by others, it appears there's something wrong with the Slingbox or the firmware.



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                I have an original slingbox and I can receive on my smart phone. I will use the dvi output to the hotel TVs and get a lowgrade signal just fine.

                It allows me to get to my DVR and use my home set top box and cable to get all my local chanels. The 350 should have both inputs to experiment with quality received.

                We also use our Tablet to watch TV when we have a wireless internet connection. The received signal in all cases alows me to switch between quailty settings; Low/High. We have used our setup with sucess on a few low quaity connection setups on the road.

                hope this helps

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                  OvCollyer Apprentice



                  If you can't imagine ever (or at least in the short to medium term) upgrading your upload connection then I'd probably go for a Slingbox Solo and try and get hold of a SlingCatcher.


                  If you anticipate an upload speed of 3-4mbps or more at some point then go for the 350 and then the WDTV Live, Sony/Vizio Google TV or one of the Netgear boxes. They're all pretty much the same - they do a reasonable job of catching the stream although not as elegantly and reliably as the good old SlingCatcher. At 3-4mbps or more on the new Slingboxes you can get a really nice 50/60fps which is very good for sports viewing, if that's your thing.