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    Slingbox 500 setup issue


      New 500   turn it on and I get the horseshoe splash screen then everything goes garbled.



      Verified RGB input to 500 is correctly attached and verifed working by reattaching directly to TV  works fine.


      Verified RGB output cables are correctly attached to both the 500 and TV .


      Tried resetting resolution by pushing OK and UP for 5 seconds on remote.  Can see a flicker happen but no change.


      Tried reset by holding reset switch until lights flash quickly.  same problem


      Disconnected RGB from source and attached composite from source to 500 with RGB still connected from 500 to TV.  I get a message box that says it has to have HD in order to setup.  No other output from source box is attached only the composite output.



      TV does not have HDMI inputs  only Component and composite.





      I'm stuck