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    Slingbox Solo - Blue Screen, can control digital box


      We had a power outage last night, nothing new, we've had many in the past four years since having the Slingbox Solo, except today, there is a Blue Screen on the viewer, and on the online viewer too.


      I can control the Slingbox, change channel at the source via the Slingbox viewer on the computer, and turn the VCR on & off (digital box goes through VCR to Slingbox). But the video is a blue screen and audio is muted on the Slingbox, the TV connected to the digital box is fine (and how we are verifying the change of channels). I've checked the connections, reset the Slingbox and reconfigured, there is no change, verified on viewer on computer and online viewer too, several times each.


      Could it be that the digital signal is weak? The reception appears fine on our TVs. Any suggestions, please say.


      Thank you.

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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hello hawthorn,


          First off I want to welcome you to our online answers forums! Just so I am clear with your setup, you stated that you have your set top box hooked into your VCR and then your VCR hooked up to the Slingbox and Slingbox to TV? We do recommend that you hook it up as follows... Set top box output into the Slingbox input and then the Slingbox output into your VCR and then the VCR output into your TV. However, if this setup has worked for you before, then the first thing I want you to try is hitting your TV/VCR button your VCR. It may have automatically went into VCR only mode when the power was out, which would explain your "blue screen." If that does not resolve your issue, you may want to try a new set of cables.


          However, if these troubleshooting steps do not work, please reply back and we will be more than happy to further troubleshoot this issue for you.


          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team