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    Should I update my Slingbox Pro


      I have a Slingbox Pro with firmware 1.0.11, and have been using Slingplayer to watch it on my PC.

      Things have been working fine, and I have been loathe to update anything after reading of the problems others have run into.

      When I run Slingplayer it asks if I want to update to  If I say yes it takes me to:


      where there is a link to version 2.0.4522.  Should I stick with, try to find, or go with 2.0.4522?


      I recently got a Mac mini and installed When I run it, it says there is a firmware update available.

      Should I update the firmware?  If so, should I do it from the Mac software or one of the PC versions mentioned above?


      If I could get Slingplayer for Android or iPhone (on an iPad) to work that might be worth updating.

      If I decide not to update is there any way to stop the software from asking about software/firmware updates?


      Is the Slingbox Pro capable of the 2.x features (buffer, guide, browser access)?

      It's hooked to a Tivo, so probably only the browser access would be used.


      Thanks in advance!