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    ATSC Tuner for Slingbox 500


      I received a Slingbox 500 for Christmas that replaces an older red Slingbox PRO.  I am one of the few people on the planet that does not have a cable box and have relied upon a DTVPal TRS-40 for OTA reception as well as the QAM tuner in my TV for broadcast basic service on cable.  I was reading a Slingbox review at http://gigaom.com/2012/10/09/slingbox-500-review/ that says "Slingboxes have never really been about cord cutting, and the new  iteration is even less so, as none of the new models features an  integrated ATSC tuner capable of receiving over-the-air broadcasts.  Sling plans to eventually sell an USB adapter for that purpose, but  Sling’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Raghu Tarra told me  that over-the-air usage in the past has been “in the single digits.”:  As it has been several months since the review, I was wondering if there has been any word on the release of such an adapter.  My DTVPal works but I only get SD through it, the remote control configuration is not the correct one for the DTVPal as the TRS-40 remote for the Slingbox does not work right and I have no program information for the device in the Slingbox.  I would love to have a fully supported OTA/QAM adapter that integrates and works with the Slingbox 500.

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          I am still looking for a good high definition ATSC/QAM receiver, preferrably with HDMI, for use with my Slingbox 500.  I recently tested an IView 3500STB but it was an unmitigated disaster.  Besides being practically deaf on VHF frequencies making it impossible to receive channels transmitting on RF channels 7, 11 and 13, the Slingbox has no remote profile for the device.


          I still use my DISH DTV Pal TR-40 but besides being a standard definition receiver, the Slingbox remote profile for the TR-40 is broken.  I have to configure my remote as an ExpressVU 111 in order to get decent remote functionality.


          Does anybody currently use a high definition OTA receiver with the Slingbox 500 that also has a supported remote control?  As it is, the SB 500 was pretty much a waste of money to me since it seems to favor those with cable or satellite subscriptions.