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    Slingbox for normal home network users




      I would suggest :

      1. Create Slingbox that has a normal network configuration, wirhout strange websites and webapps.

          This would allow anybody that has configured their own internet router to actually understand the process.

      2. Create an application that connects to this box, and transfers video from slingbox to client. You might call

      this a "Slingbox player". No demands for website access, strange browser plugins, and stuff like that.


      I would say that this is what your marketing promised me. What you deliver is something totally overcomplicated

      for sending video to my client, and I fail to understand what you think you will benefit by making everything more

      complicated than it needs to be.


      I also need to add a routing entry to the slingbox to route traffic through my VPN connection. If the configuration

      has resembled anything like a normal internet devide configuration, that would have been easy instead of impossible.

      As it is now the stream is forced out on public internet and back again, due to substandard possibilities in the slingbox.


      Thank you.