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    Screen Flickers and Moves Downward


      This is a slightly difficult issue to explain, I'm hoping someone has seen this happen before and knows how to fix it.


      The video feed on my slingbox constantly flickers and with each flicker shifts the video a little downward and then replaces the top of the screen with a smally portion of the bottom.  Here's a demonstration with letters


      A     (flicker)     D     (flicker)     C          etc.

      B                    A                     D

      C                    B                    A

      D                    C                    B


      So at any given time the whole picture is on the screen, just not always in the correct order.  Sometimes it doesn't even happen and if it does usualy it evenutally stops after some time.


      I've had my slingbox for about 3 years now, and this issue is extremely recent. I've also noticed this issue when viewing on both my laptop (through firefox) and on my ipad (with the slingbox app).


      Please let me know if you have seen this before and have any solutions.


      Thank you

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          Upon some further investigation it seems to be related to whether or not the actual TV to which the same cable box is connected is on or off.  If the TV at my home is on then connecting then I do not have this issue.  Once the TV is turned off it begins to happen again.

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              keith.sling Apprentice

              Hello rudnikda,


              Thanks for reaching out to us here! I do apologize for any video quality issues that you are experiencing when trying to view your Slingbox. Here is an article form our support pages with some troubleshooting steps that you can take regarding the issue you are describing:



              Hope this helps!



                   The Sling Moderation Team

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                  This article is not all that helpful. The issue I'm experiencing seems to be what others have been describing as "rolling video." I've seen other a few other people post with this problem but no definite solutions.


                  I'll reiterate that  i have determined this problem only occurs when the actual tv to which the cable box is hooked up is OFF.  With the exception of the scrolling screen, the picture quality is very clear leading me to assume my Internet connection is fine. I'll also add that I have Comcast Xfinity in case that matters.


                  A few other users have suggested manually rolling back the firmware on the slingbox to the previous version. Before trying that I was hoping to get some official guidance from a moderator regarding whether or not that works.  Or since this appears to be a semi common issue if there are any other definitive fixes.


                  Thank you