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    Error 0x923400dc Disconnects on the Solo


      Hi everyone, if you are getting frequent disconnects and error 0x923400dc this is a common problem it appears.  You can google the error code and get all kinds of info on others experiences.  So armed with this I contacted chat support, as believe it or not I have three weeks left on my warranty and it started for me yesterday.


      Chat support keep telling me it is my internet connection that is too slow.  I have a Half Mb uplink on my DSL and 5Mb download.  Not blazing by any stretch but more then enough to watch my sling over the internet, and I have been for over 11 months now without any issue.  The problem with the disconnects is happening on my local network (so max connection rate) and has worked wonderfully for 11 months now.  Anyway tech support will not hear of it.  They tell me to contact my ISP because I need a min 2Mb uplink for sling (apparently, the fact that I am watching on a 100Mb link on the local network doesn't matter).  The guys keeps reading his script and tells me there is nothing he can do because I don't have a 2Mbit uplink speed.


      So bottom line is that I am not getting my warranty honored for what is an obvious problem with the capacitors on the mainboard of the unit.  Its a shame because the sling is a nice solution, its just too bad they won't support the product.


      Anyway I will be replacing the capacitors myself and will be happy to document my experience for others who run into this issue and the same very poor technical support that I did.   Unless somebody from tech support reads this and does the right thing.   I have saved my chat log for anyone in the same boat as me.


      Later everyone

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          Update: Took the unit apart (to heck with the warranty it wasn't being honored anyway).  Sure enough two bulging 470uf 16V capacitors.  Very cheap ones.  Replaced with two radio shack 470uf 50V  capacitors and have been watching my sling happily for a couple of hours now.  Could not go longer then 10 minutes before.  No more freezes.


          Anyway, thanks to the guys at placeshiftingenthusiasts.com .  Now these guys know what they are doing.