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    Unable to setup my slingbox solo (unconfigured)


      Hi gents,


      it has been 2 days i'm trying to solve my issue, my slingbox has been reset recently because i forgot the Administrator password. i am trying to reconfigure it using the latest SlingPlayer version on a Windows 7 (64 bits),  I also tried to set it up using the setup.slingbox.com website from both browsers firefox 18.0.1 and internet explorer 9.0.8112.16421. i get the same error message, the slingbox directory show my slingbox as unconfigured and when i try the setup assistant it tries for few seconds to connect than it says unable to connect to your slingbox, please restart your slingbox than try again after 5 sec. I have checked my internet connexion, the slingbox is in the same home network as my computer, I even tried a different computer that is a windows XP machine. the slingbox ID of my device is. 924C481B-0FC4-974D9EE5-5D9E-58C90DF1 it's an old slingbox solo device.

      Your help would be much appreciated.