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    Problems with sound using Slingbox ProHD + Rogers 8642HD




      I've had my slingbox ProHD for a couple of years, and recently I've noticed that there's no sound (but video is fine) when watching my slingbox on ipad / computer / iphone.  This seems to have started since around the time my PVR was upgraded to the Explorer 8642HD with Rogers (my previous PVR died).


      My current setup has the PVR sending HDMI out to my TV (and speakers).  I have my slingbox connected to the PVR via the coax-in jack.  This used to provide me with video and sound, but not anymore.  This sounds like an issue with the PVR box itself, although I'm not sure if there's some settings that need to be changed, or is Rogers blocking this somehow?...should I change how I've connected my slingbox to the PVR?


      Thanks for any suggestions...