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    Replacement PRO-HD has the exact same power adapter that was problematic?


      Hello all -


      Monday morning I woke up to the horrible smell of burning electronics and plastic.  After browsing these forums, I noticed the notice to call in if your unit is having issues powering up and to know which brand of power adapter you have.


      After telling the tech about my problem he immediately transferred me to a higher level of tech support.  The lady I spoke to asked me which brand power adapter I had and I told her "V-Infinity."  She then told me she was going to send me a new PRO-HD.


      I just received it and I was very surprised to see that the new one had the exact same model of V-Infinity power adapter as the one that burned up!


      I hope everyone can understand that I'm not keen on plugging another one of these power adapters in and waiting for it to burn up as well.


      Has anyone else received a replacement PRO-HD and had the exact same power adapter ship with the replacement?  Was there an issue with this model or only a certain batch of these?


      Thanks for any info...