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    No picture on slingbox pro ( ongoing)


      As per my previous post was watching TV whilst on holiday and it went off . Got home checked everything and all seems ok . Reset the box and still no picture ? .... took it all out and set it up stairs so I could monitor it better .... Can see it on the newtork OK , but still no picture ..... goes to scan and at 44% the inner of the two close lights goes off as does the middle light ( stating it has lost connection ...done this several times and get the same result .... I can see the picture on the TV and the signal is flowing through the slingbox ok . the lights on slingbox are stable and the centre light off  when I am connected ( normal ) ....so things seem ok on this front . ..... Is there anything else that someone can suggest I should try ?  Everything seems normal but its not working ???

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          MaryKessler Newbie

          Hello  quovadis2895,


          Thank you for posting in our community forums! That's an interesting issue. It sounds like it could possibly be a cable connection issue. First, is your Slingbox located in the U.S. or Canada and what is the serial number on your Slingbox?  There are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try to resolve your issue:


          • Are you sure that all of your cables are connected properly?  If the cables are accidentally switched it will cause this color issue that you are having.
          • You can try another known-good video source if this is possible to connect to your Slingbox.
          • Is your video source working properly without the Slingbox connected to it by connecting it directly to your TV?
          • You can also try different cables from your video source to your Slingbox.


          I hope this is helpful and if you are still have issues after these troubleshooting steps please feel free to contact our technical team. The contact information is located in the link below:



          Have a great day,

          The Sling Moderation Team