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    Scientific Atlanta Remote 2200


      When setting up my slingbox (S Video) I choose Scientifc Atlanta Remote number 2200 and it works.  The next day I get up and check it and it will not change the channels, power on or do anything.  I have to reset my entire slingbox and somehow I get it to work again.  This has happened twice already.  When I check my remote while running slingbox it says the remote is Scientific Atlanta 8300.  I know I chose 2200. How can it work one day and not the next day.  Nothing is touched on the TV or slingbox to say someone is moving things around.  All this has started to occur ever since I had to get a new router.....Everything was working beautifully before I got the new E1000 linksys router....than I had to buy a new game adapter Trendnet N game adapter.....I finnally got it working except for this remote thing.  I have tried upgrading the firmware on the slingbox AV solo, but I can't seem to find out how to do that.  I also noticed my change network setting tab in the edit slingbox page in blanked out and you cannot click it.  I know my game adapter is working because the lights are on and they flicker alittle. Also my slingbox logo light is not on, whenever the slingbox is not running on my computer.  I never noticed that before, I always thought all 3 lights on slingbox where always on.  When I launch slingbox or slingbox setup the logo light come on.  Hope I can get some help....I wanta be able to watch tv at work without having to call home and ask someone to change the TV

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          If this is intermittent I would suspect the IR Blaster.  Have you made sure it is full pressed in ?   Watch it through a digital camera while you tap a button.  You should see a nice strong white flash.  If it is not there or red then your blaster is failed/failing.    It might also be worth checking the placement in case the device is only getting part of the signal.