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    Can't get slingbox feed to display on my TV


      I have a slingbox solo.   I have used it for over a year without problems.


      Rather than view it on my computer when I am at my summer home, (an area where ondemand is missing), I connect my computer to my TV with an HDMI cable and watch the slingbox feed on my TV.


      I just recently got a new laptop.   WhenI try and view on the TV with the new laptop, the right side of the screen (whatever is playing as the video) is missing and is filled with a kind of morph from whatever was on the edge of the other half that displays just fine.   So, basically, I am missing the right half of the video.  The display from slingbox on the computer is just fine.


      This doesn't happen with other types of videos that I feed from other places on the Internet.   I watch Uverse online, netflix and other videos just fine.   I double checked the display resolutions to make sure they were set identically on both computers.  pro


      And, it doesn't happen with my old computer.


      So, the problem seems to be with how the extended display works with slingbox on my new laptop (which would have a different video card if that would make a difference)


      There are two display adapters on the new computer.


      Intel(R) HD Graphics Family  (this one is apparently set to the laptop monitor)
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (this one is apparently being used going out to the TV)


      Now, on the old laptop...BOTH the computer and the TV are using the Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family because it is the only one on that computer.


      I am wondering if by some means the NVDIA got somehow linked to the TV and I should have the Intel Adapter used for both on the new computer.


      Any ideas?   I am not technically oriented and have NO idea where to start.

      Thanks for any information you can send my way.  This really has me stumped.