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    best remote connections to TV


      Am looking for input on the best way to watch Slingplayer on a remote TV located in different home that has the Slingbox 500.  The WD TV live app is very slow and cumbersome and long lags to change channels, freeze ups, etc.  So, wondering if using a laptop with HDMI cable out to TV is best (since slingplayer with firefox browser works very well at that location) or whether a tablet app or Iphone app would work as well as slingplayer as part of a true PC browser.  Before buying apps for either my Iphone or a tablet, wondering if those work as well and as fast as slingplayer with a laptop browser.  Thanks for any advice here.

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello stberger,


          Thank you for using our answers forum! I understand that you are interested in viewing your Slingbox on a TV from a remote location. SlingPlayer for Phones (or tablets) should run as smoothly as SlingPlayer for the Web. Of course, these depend on your network connection and speeds as well.


          Here is some additional information regarding SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices:



          Hope this helps!


          Best Regards,

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              Many thanks for the response.  I'm wondering why I get such a smooth

              slingplayer app operation on my PC browser with wireless connection at the

              remote location, yet an inconsistent operation with the WD TV live box I

              bought because it has the slingplayer on it already.  With WD TV live, it

              takes 10 or more seconds to change channels (vs about 2-3 sec on PC

              browser), freezes up, prompts me to change to lower or higher quality

              settings, etc.  All with the exact same wireless connection as my laptop

              browser which works very well.


              So, was thinking about using either a laptop, or tablet, or Iphone 4S, with

              an HDMI cable to the TV to simply view what I have on the mobile device on

              the TV for smoother operation than the WD Live.  Any advice as to which

              device would work the best used with an HDMI cable to the TV?  Thanks.


              Steve Berger

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                  keith.sling Apprentice

                  Hey Steve Berger,


                  Is your software/ firmware all up to date on your WDTV? That's really the only thing that I can think of that may be causing the SlingPlayer for WDTV to have those issues on the same network that your PC is working fine on. And as for an alternative device to use to run SlingPlayer on your TV, I have had success connecting a laptop and my Android phone via HDMI to a TV for viewing my Slingbox on a TV in a remote location. We have tested SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad here in our lab with success using the Apple TV with both Airplay and mirroring as well.


                  Hope that helps!



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                      Any luck with iPhone or iPad hdmi converter cable to hdmi port on tv

                      instead of AirPlay w Apple TV? Does aspect ratio come out normal on TV? Was

                      hoping to connect directly rather than buying another streaming device. Yes

                      firmware updates on wd TV and when I contacted their tech support they

                      suggested I rollback firmware , but haven't tried that yet. Strange how the

                      app on wd TV is suboptimal vs browser.


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                          tcaradonna Novice

                          There are several discussions about this going on right now.


                          iPad/AppleTV connection thru airplay seems to have some freezing issues when changing channels and pause/play.  Slingplayer for connected devices (of which I've tried most) are all interations of similar software and function quite similarly.  You are not alone with your observation that the webplayer provides much smoother operation and less delay for control.  It is especially unfortunate that the 350/500 does not support the SlingCatcher, which is the standard against which all current "Connected devices" seem to held against.


                          I have a number of review of the Connected devices on amazon (WDTV, Sony GTV).  Overall, they get the job done but have some quirks.  Here are some of the links:




                          At this point, I'd pick the Sony GTV, which has a tremendous remote and good build quality but comes double the price.  I also reviewed BoxeeBox too, which in a nutshell I thought was promising, but as it is no longer supported, I cannot recommend.  Netgear is coming out with a new one soon, but it is likely it's performance will be with the same range as the others.

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                              tcaradonna Novice

                              As for the HDMI connection for iPad.  I read recently that someone had some luck with this (there was some issue with color rendering which I think was resolved), but I find the idea of being tethered with the cable to be very unappealing.

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                                  I agree about the tethering being less than appealing.  However, when I

                                  last used the WD TV live at the cabin, it was frustrating enough that I

                                  thought I have to find some other way to sling to the TV. So, since the

                                  browser sling app works so well, my thought was to run a small HDMI

                                  connector from a laptop to the TV just to get good functionality.  From

                                  perspective of best functionality with a TV (ie, not freezing, good speed

                                  of controls, etc) would you say that the browser PC to TV with cable is

                                  currently the best option vs a streaming device (Sony, WD, etc) or an I

                                  pad/Iphone with a cable to TV?



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                                      tcaradonna Novice

                                      Frankly, I have recently toyed with is buying a cheap PC, puting in a decent graphics card with HDMI output and Logitech K400 wireless keyboard/mouse combo (amazing reviews on amazon).  I figured for less than $200 this is easily doable--basically a HTPC.  My brother is doing something like this for his media playing (less slingbox) with great results (he uses a Dell Optiplex GX620 w/ small form factor).  Sure it's bulkier than the hockey puck players, but it would hands down provide the best viewing results.

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                                Was wondering if you know a way I can get my WD TV LIVE PLUS to be compatable with Slingbox. I get Netflix and other media to play but not Slingbox.


                                I check for the firmware updates all the time yet no luck.  Any help will be apprciated.

                                Steve H.

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                                  Wondering, in your lab, what works better to run slingplayer app to TV:  laptop with browser app with HDMI cable to TV, or tablet/Ipad app and HDMI cable to TV?  Would like to choose best option first rather than buying specialty cables, etc for an option that doesn't work so well to TV (ie, slow channel changing, freezing, aspect ratio problems, etc).  Thinking laptop browser seems to work very well, but just less ergonomic holding a laptop with cable to TV to change channels, view TV guide, etc.  Thanks.

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                                    OvCollyer Apprentice



                                    If you spend just a few minutes looking around the forums you will see various posts from different people concerning issues with the connected device players, so it's disappointing that you are posting a response such as this that suggests you guys have not heard of issues such as the delay in issuing commands which for those affected renders the player extremely unfriendly to the point of being unusable.


                                    It's all documented by myself and others, sometimes in great detail, go read it and pass it back to the engineering/QA teams!