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    Slingnox AV and Slinglink .. Slingplayer assistant cannot find


      I packed all this mess up a few years ago, and now I remember why.  I've spent more time trying to get this to work, than watching anything.

      Running Windows 7, IE 9.0.8, Shaw DSL modem/router (Cisco DPC3825).


      My Slingbox is not near my router (30 feet away) so I purchased a Slinglink.  All is hooked up correctly (three green lights on the Slinglink, 2 solid red lights on the Slingbox) according to the documentation.  I downloaded a older copy of Slingplayer software, assuming that is what I would need, as I've had this hardware since 2009. Setup assistant sometimes says "could not connect to slingbox" or "could not find slingbox on the network".  I have umplugged the Slingbox to reset numerous times, with no success.


      If anyone can provide guidance on how to get this working, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.